Black Kintra Inglis

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The Banner o the Black Kintra, adoptit in Julie 2012

Black Kintra Inglis (Black Kintra Inglis: Blarck Courntry Inglish or Yam Yam) is a dialect o the Inglis leid, that is tradeetionally spaik in the Black Kintra o Ingland. It haes keepit mony traits fae Auld Inglis, makkin it verra diffeecult for ootlins tae unnerstaun. Wirds like Thee, Ty an Thou arestell in uiss. "Ow bist?", fae "Hou beist thout?" is a common hailsin, wi "Bay too bah" (meanin "No bad") bein a common repone. Fowk fae the Black Kintra see thair dialect as gey unalike fae the Birmingham dialect o Inglis leid. "You" is kent as "Yow" and "You are" becomes "Yow am", or mair commonly juist "Yam". Wirds that woud teepically end in -ing end in -en in Black Kintra Inglis, like going becomin gooen.

Ensaumples o teepical Black Kintra Inglis[eedit | eedit soorce]

Scots Black Kintra Inglis
Hou are ye Ow bist? or Yam awroight?
No too bad Bay too bah
Ah cannae speak
Black Kintra Inglis  
I cor spake Yam Yam
Haven't/Isn't Ay
Didna Day
Haund Donny
Waddin Gamgee
Deid Jed
Zebra Stripey Oss