Black Forest

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Black Forest
Relief Map of Germany, Black Forest.png
Map o Germany wi the Black Forest ootlined in green
Heichest pynt
Elevation 1,493 metres (4,898 ft)
Coordinates 48°18′N 8°9′E / 48.300°N 8.150°E / 48.300; 8.150Coordinates: 48°18′N 8°9′E / 48.300°N 8.150°E / 48.300; 8.150
Lenth 150 km (93 mi)
Kintra Germany
State Baden-Württemberg
Parent range Soothwast German Uplands/Scarplands
Orogeny Central Uplands
Teep o rock Gneiss, Bunter sandstone

The Black Forest (German: Schwarzwald, pronounced [ˈʃvaʁt͡svalt]) is a great forested moontain range in the state o Baden-Württemberg in soothwastren Germany. It is boondit bi the Rhine valley tae the wast an sooth. Its heichest peak is the Feldberg wi an elevation o 1,493 metres (4,898 ft). The region is almaist rectangular in shape wi a lenth o 160 km (99 mi) an breadth o up tae 60 km (37 mi).