Billy Kay

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Billy Kay is a writer, broadcaster an leid activist. Born in Galston, East Ayrshire, Scotland in 1951,[1] he studied Inglis Leeteratur at the Varsity o Edinburgh. His study on the history an current status o the Lawland Scots leid, Scots: The Mither Tongue is his maist notable wark, which wis even made intae a telly series.[2] Kay his recordit a soond version wi 'aw the braw Scots passages' frae his wark, an so frae leeteratur in Scots, like Barbour's Brus an RL Stevenson's Thrawn Janet, MacDiarmid's screivin, Border Ballads and a Robert Burns letter, that gie this wark 'its virr an smeddum'. His project stertit in Januar 2021, efter settin up a hame studio in the Covid lockdoon, an it wis released as an audio buik int November thon year. Kay thoucht mony folks wid nae hae heard 'how the language sounds'.[3]

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