Bhavavarman I

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Bhavavarman I wis a king of the Cambodian kinrick o Kamboja, whilk woud later become the Khmer empire. Though the fou dates o his ring is wankent, it is kent that he reigned aroond the year 550.

Bhavavarman's queen wis named Kambuja-raja-lakshmi, an it wis through her that he inheritit the ryal lineage. He wis vera likely the grandson o the king o Funan, a neighbourin an mair pouerful Cambodian kinrick.

The main accomplishment o Bhavavarman's ring wis the expansion o Kamboja intae the Mekong river glen, attackin baith Funan an Champa, an ancient Vietnamese kinrick. The raisons for thir attacks isnae clear, but maist like revolve aroond the accession o Rudravarman tae the Funan throne; Rudravarman killt the legitimate heir tae the throne, an Bhavavarman mey hae seen hissel as a richtful member o that lineage. It isna clear, housomeivver, gif he wantit tae claim the throne o Funan for hissel, or tae simply see Rudravarman unseatit so that the next legitimate heir coud tak it.

He wis succeedit bi his brither Chitrasena, wha teuk the king name Mahendravarman. Cheenese records o the time indicate that Chitrasena wis responsible for mair o the conquests an battles than his brither, but it seems fair tae assume that thae wur the actions o baith kings. The Cheenese records indicate that, aroond this time at the beginnin o the 7t century, the king o Funan wis replaced, and that the new king wis a 'bad king' wha didna support Buddhism; aither Bhavavarman or his brither could fit that definition, as baith belanged the tradeitional Shivaite releigion o Kamboja.

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