Bernard o Clairvaux

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Saint Bernard o Clairvaux
St Bernard in "A Short History of Monks and Monasteries" bi Alfred Wesley Wishart (1900).
Doctor o the Kirk
Doctor Mellifluus
Fontaine-lès-Dijon, Fraunce
Dee'd20 August, 1153 (aged 62–63)
Clairvaux, Fraunce
Veneratit inRoman Catholic Kirk, Anglican Kirk, Lutheran Kirk
Canonised18 Januar 1174, Roum by Pape Alexander III
Major shrineTroyes Cathedral
Ville-sous-la-Ferté, religious vocations, preachers.
Feast20 August
AttributesWhite Cistercian haibit, deil on a cheen, white dug
PatronageCistercians, Burgundy, beekeepers, candlemakers, Gibraltar, Algeciras, Queens' College, Cambridge, Speyer Cathedral, Knichts Templar

Bernard o Clairvaux (Laitin: Bernardus Claraevallensis), O.Cist (1090 – 20 August 1153) wis a French abbot an the primary reformer o the Cistercian order.