Bedford Vehicles

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Bedford Vehicles
Industrie Automotive
Fate Sold and renamed
Successor AWD Trucks
Foondit 1930
Defunct 1986
Heidquarters Luton, Unitit Kinrick
Aurie served
Products Larries, buses,
caur-derived vans
Parent Vauxhall Motors

Bedford Vehicles, uisually shortened tae juist Bedford, wis a brand o vehicle produced bi Vauxhall Motors, which wis ultimately owned bi General Motors (GM). Established in 1930 an biggin commercial vehicles, Bedford Vehicles wis a leadin internaitional larrie brand, wi substantial export sales o licht, medium, an hivy larries throughout the warld. It wis GM Europe's maist profitable ventur for several years.

Bedford's core hivy trucks business wis divested bi GM as AWD Ltd in 1987, whilst the Bedford brand continued tae be uised on licht commercial vehicles an caur-derived vans based on Vauxhall/Opel, Isuzu an Suzuki designs. The brand wis retired in 1991; subsequent GM Europe licht commercials war branded as aither Vauxhall or Opel, dependin on the mercat.