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Aiberdeen Beach Ballroom

The Beach Ballroom is an art deco[1] biggin on the beach boulevard o Aiberdeen, Scotland. It haes een o Scotland's maist fine dance fleers – weel-kent fur its bounce – that flots on 1400 siccar steel springs.[2] It was biggit, designit bi Thomas, Roberts & Hume, aifter a compeetion an costit £50,000. It wis opent wi a masked baw on 3 Mey 1926,[3] and is a Categerie B leestit biggin.[4] It wis usit bi the militar throu Warld War II, wi sodgers sleepin on beds in the dancefleer.[5] Dancin frae the Jazz era an tae Big Bands siclik Joe Loss an Victor Sylvester an in the 1960s, The Beatles playit for £45 afore their rise tae fame.[3]

The Beach Ballroom is aint an operatit by Aiberdeen Ceety Cooncil.[6] The Beach Ballroom is forby the seed o a wabcam that faces Sooth, alang the beach thewarts Fitdee.[7]

Beach Ballroom at nicht
Aiberdeen Esplanade

The main dance haa is octagonal an oreeginally haed a domed reef, tho it haes noo bin covert ower wi a suspended ceiling.[8] The sma'er Star Ballroom ootshot wis opent in Juin 1963.[5] It hosts events, concerts[9] an waddins,[10] forby dancin in rooms wi the follaein capacity:[11]

  • 1,000 (Main Ballroom)
  • 150 (Star Ballroom)
  • 100 (Northern Lights Room)
  • 50 (Promenade Room)

It hid a muckle fire in 1993 and wis later replenisht an reopent in 2010, bi Strictly Come Dancing stars Erin Boag an Anton du Beke.[8]

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