Battle o Innerurie (1308)

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Coordinates: 57°20′06″N 2°19′05″W / 57.335°N 2.318°W / 57.335; -2.318

Battle o Innerurie
Pairt o Wars o Scots Unthirldom
Date23 Mey 1308
LocationAuldmeldrum, Aiberdeenshire, Scotland
Result veectory for Robert Bruce
Scots Ryal Airmy Scots opponents o Bruce
Commanders an leaders
Robert Bruce John Comyn, 3rd Yerl o Buchan
Unkent Unkent
Casualties an losses
Unkent Unkent

The Battle o Innerurie, forby kent as the Battle o Barra, wis focht in Mey 1308 in the north-east o Scotland.