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Barda, Azerbaijan

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Barda (Azerbaijani: Bərdə; an aa, Bärdä) is the caipital ceety o Barda Rayon, Azerbaijan. For a lang period Barda wis the seat o kings o Caucasian Albanie an the Albanian Kirk,[1] as well as an important tradin an cultural centre, but it declined efter the Arab invasions. Durin Islamic times, it wis the chief ceety o Arran. In the tent an eleivent centuries Barda wis a metropolitan province o the Kirk o the East.[2]

Locatit sooth o Yevlax, Barda is a sma provincial toun on the Terter river. It wis biggit bi the Albanian king Vache at the behest o the Persian king Peroz I an wis initially cawed Perozabad, an later Partaw or Partav.[3] Javanshir, the legendary 7t century king o Caucasus Albanie, lived in Barda, an fought against Sassanid, Byzantine, Khazar an Arabian airmies for the survival o his naition. The history o this struggle wis chronicled bi Moses o Kalankatuyk who lived in a neighbourin veelage. In 943, Barda wis briefly taken bi the Rus.

Although still the caipital o a raion, centuries o earthquakes an invasions hae destroyed muckle o the toun's landmarks, wi the exception o the 14t century tomb o Akhmed Zocheybana, biggit bi architect Ahmad ibn Ayyub Nakhchivani. The mausoleum is a cylindrical brick touer, decoratit wi turquoise tiles. Thare is an aa the mair recently biggit Imamzadeh Mosque, which haes fower minarets.

Agriculture is the main activity in the aurie. Local economy is based on the production an processin o cotton, silk, poultry an dairy products. The cease fire line is juist a few kilometres wast o Barda, near Terter.

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