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Banner o Unitit Kinrick

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The Unitit Kinrick o Great Breetain an Northren Ireland uises as its naitional banner the ryal banner kent locally as the Union Banner or, popularly, Union Jack [1] (awtho this name is the ane that is richt whan the banner is flewn on a jackstaff at sea)[2]. The current design o the Union Flag dates frae the union o Ireland an Great Breetain in 1801. It conseests o the reid cross o Saunt George (patron saunt o Ingland), skirtit in white, happin the diagonal reid cross o Saunt Patrick (patron saunt o Ireland), that's happin the Saltire o Saunt Andra (patron saunt o Scotland). The banner represents the three kintras o the Breetish Croun, Scotland, Ingland, Northren Ireland. Wales isna represent in the Union Banner syne she comes unner the Prince o Wales raither nor the Breetish Monarch. Scotland is represent by the St. Andra's Cross, Ingland by the St. George's Cross an Northren Ireland by the St. Patrick's Cross (oreeginally tae represent the hail o Ireland afore the pairtition).

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