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Bani Walid

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Bani Walid

بني وليد
Bani Walid is located in Libya
Bani Walid
Bani Walid
Location in Libya
Coordinates: 31°46′N 13°59′E / 31.767°N 13.983°E / 31.767; 13.983
Kintra Libie
Elevation255 m (837 ft)
 • Total85,425
Time zoneUTC +2

Bani Walid /ˈbæniː wɑˈliːd/ (Arabic: بني وليدBanī Walīd) is a toun in Libie, in the Misrata Destrict. The toun is locatit on either side o the wadi Merdum, an is surroondit bi the Libie desert.

Prior tae 2007 it wis the caipital o the Bani Walid Destrict. Bani Walid haes an airport cried Bani Walid Airport. Unner the Libie Arab Jamahiriya, it wis dividit intae twa Basic Fowkcongresses: Dahra - Bani Walid (الظهرة – بني وليد), an Zaytouna - Bani Walid (الزيتونة – بني وليد).

It is the hame tae the Warfalla tribe, the anerlie toun in which anerlie ane tribe resides. A campus o Misrata University is locatit in Bani Walid.[3][4]

Libyan ceevil war[eedit | eedit soorce]

In the Libie ceevil war, efter the anti-Gaddafi forces captured Tripoli in August an Sabha in September, Bani Walid, alang wi Sirte, wis ane o twa feenal stranghaulds held bi forces lyal tae the oostit Gaddafi regime.

There wur clashes atween anti-Gaddafi forces surroondin the ceety an Gaddafi lyalists defendin it throughoot September an early October; the ceety wis feenally taken on 17 October.[5][6][7].

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Coordinates: 31°46′N 13°59′E / 31.767°N 13.983°E / 31.767; 13.983