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Babruysk or Bobruisk (Belaroushie: Бабруйск, Babrujsk; Roushie: Бобруйск, Bobruisk) is a ceety in the Mahilyow Voblast o Belaroushie on the Berezina River. It is a lairge ceety in Belaroushie wi a population o approximately 227,000 fowk (2000). The name Babruysk (as well as that o the Babruyka River) probably oreeginates frae the Belaroushie wird babyor (бобёр) (beaver), mony o which uised tae inhabit the Berezina. Housomeivver, beavers in the aurie hae been amaist eliminatit bi the end o the 19t century due tae huntin an pollution. The seicont pairt o the wird is very close tae Gàidhlig uisge (watter) - compare tae Loch Corruisk (Isle o skye, Scotland)

Babruysk occupies an aurie o 66 square km, an comprises ower 450 streets whose combined lenth stretches for ower 430 km.

Babruysk is locatit at the intersection o railweys tae Asipovichy, Zhlobin, Kastrychnitski an roads tae Minsk, Gomel, Mogilev, Kalinkavichy, Slutsk, an Rahachow. It haes the biggest timmer mill in Belaroushie, an is an aa kent for its chemical, machine biggin an metal-wirkin industries.

In 2003, thare wur 34 public schools in Babruysk, wi ower 34,000 students. Thare are an aa three schools specializing in muisic, dance an veesual airts. Additionally, thare is a medical schuil an numerous professional technical schools.

Coordinates: 53°09′N 29°14′E / 53.15°N 29.23°E / 53.15; 29.23