Avan Yuzbashi

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Avan Yuzbashi
The veelage o Shosh o the Principality o Varanda (Askeran region o wha is nou the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (NKR).
AllegianceArmenie naitional muivement
Years o service1724-1728
RankSupreme commander o the five melikdoms o Artsakh.

Avan Yuzbashi (1670–1735) wis an 18t century commander o Armenie airmies in Nagorno-Karabakh. He wis instrumental in aidin David Bek's forces an gainin victories ower the forces o Safavid Iran an the Ottoman Empire in Zangezur region. In a letter tae the Roushie monarch, Yuzbashi wrote, "We will fecht till that time when we will enter the service o the tsar, an aw will perish tae the last ane but we will no leave Christianity; we will fecht for oor faith." Kekhva Chelebi, an Armenie patriot who maintained correspondence atween the meliks o Karabakh an the Roushie authorities, reports:

… The nearest Armenie stranghauld … wis Shushi. Shushi is fower days' distance frae Shemakhi. Airmit Armenies unner the command o Avan Yuzbashi guard it. Efter meetin wi the Armenie leaders, includin the Patriarch, they returned tae Derbent via Shemakhi. Rocky muntains surroond the toun o Shushi. The nummer o the airmit Armenies haes no been determined. Thare are rumors that the Armenies hae defeatit the Turks in a nummer o skirmishes in Karabagh …[1]

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