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Austin Freeway Sedan

The Austin Freeway is an automobile which wis developed bi the Australien division o the Breetish Motor Corporation (BMC), based on the Breetish Austin A60 Cambridge. Introduced in 1962, it wis offered in baith fower-door saloon an five-door station wagon body styles. Uisin the locally biggit 2.4 litre sax-cylinder "Blue Streak" ingine, it represented the first attempt bi BMC tae challenge the dominant Holden an Ford Falcon models in the lucrative sax cylinder faimily caur cless wi a locally developed vehicle. An upmarket variant, the Wolseley 24/80 sedan wis an aa offered.

Awtho mair expensive than its opposition, the Freeway wis well equipped bi contemporary standards, offerin features sic as windscreen washers an a fresh air heater / demister. Stylin wis na greatly changed frae its Breetish ancestor, awtho the grille treatment clearly set it apart frae the Cambridge. 3,090 units wur sauld in its first year but declining sales saw the model discontinued in 1965.

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