Wolseley 24/80

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Wolseley 24/80 "Mark 1"

The Wolseley 24/80 is an automobile which wis produced bi British Motor Corporation (Australie) frae 1962 tae 1965.[1]

The caur wis in maist respect identical tae the contemporary Austin Freeway, but employed different frontal treatment in order tae maximise the perceived differences atween the caurs an therefore, it wis hoped, attract additional buyers away frae the competeetion. This reflectit BMC's enthusiasm for badge ingineerin in the 1950s an 1960s.

The 24/80 wis based on the Breetish fower cylinder Wolseley 15/60 model.[1] It wis pouered bi a sax cylinder version o the 1622cc B series ingine, kent as the "Blue Streak" straight-6 wi a capacity o 2433cc an developin 80 bhp. Coupled tae the ingine wis a 3-speed gearbox, adaptit frae the Metropolitan, wi synchromesh on the upper twa ratios an a steerin column gearchange. The radiator, which in the fower cylinder caurs wis mountit ahint the bonnet-lockin bar wis nou placed in front o the bonnet-lockin bar, immediately ahint the grille. Released in Aprile 1962, the 24/80 wis externally identical tae the 15/60 except for the wheelbase, which wis an inch langer. The interior wis the same as that uised in the 15/60. Oreeginally it wis available ae wi manual transmission but later a Borg Warner 35 3-speed automatic transmission wis affered as an option.

The 24/80 Mark II wis released in October 1964 wi identical stylin tae the Breetish Wolseley 16/60.[1] Pouer wis increased tae 84 bhp an the interior trim wis nou in saft expandit vinyl rather than the leather uised in the oreeginal model.[1] Production o the Mark II wis discontinued in October 1965 awtho stocks lastit till late 1966.[1] The 24/80 Mark II sicweys became the last Wolseley model tae be sauld new in Australie.[1]

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