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View of Old Cairo

Auld Cairo (Egyptian Arabic: Masr el Adīma) is a pairt o Cairo, Egyp, that conteens the remnants o those ceeties which wur caipitals afore Cairo, sic as Fustat, as well as some ither elements frae the ceety's variet history. For ensaumple, it encompasses Coptic Cairo an its mony auld kirks an ruins o Roman fortifications. Modren tourists veesit locations sic as the Coptic Museum, the Babylon Fortress, the Hangin Kirk an ither Coptic kirks, the Ben Ezra Synagogue an the Mosque of 'Amr ibn al-'As. Fort Babylon is a Roman fortress aroond which mony o the Egyptian Christians' auldest kirks wur biggit.

Cairo, channel atween Rhoda Island an Auld Cairo, Egyp

Coont Gabriel Habib Sakakini Pasha (1841–1923), who haed acome a hoosehauld name in his time, biggit a palace an a kirk in the Sakakini aurie in 1897[1] an established the Roman Catholic Cemetery in Auld Cairo.[2]

Medieval history[eedit | eedit soorce]

Durin the latter hauf o the 15t century, twa feenal major transformations teuk place in Cairo: the port o Bulaq, an a destrict cried al-Azbakiyyah in the northwast section o the ceety. The perimeters o the ceety haed been unchyngit for the past 300 years accordin tae the cairt done bi the French expedeetion in 1798 A.D. Wi the Baybars’s conquest o Cyprus in 1428, Bulaq became the major port o Cairo. Bi the end o the 15t century, Bulaq wis even able tae tak ower the role as the major commercial port frae misr al-Qadima (Auld Cairo).

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