Athens, Georgie

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Location in Clarke Coonty an the state o Georgie

Athens-Clarke Coonty is a unified ceety-coonty in Georgie, U.S., in the northeastren pairt o the state. The University o Georgie is locatit in this college toun an is responsible for the initial growth o the ceety. In 1991, efter a vote the precedin year, the oreeginal ceety abandoned its chairter in order tae form a unified govrenment wi Clarke County, referred tae collectively as Athens-Clarke Coonty.[1] As o the 2000 census, the consolidatit ceety-coonty (includin aw o Athens-Clarke Coonty except Winterville an a pairt o Bogart) haed a total population o 100,266. The maist recent US Census estimate (2009) placed the population at 114,983. Athens-Clarke Coonty is the fift-lairgest ceety in Georgie an the principal ceety o the Athens-Clarke Coonty, Georgie Metropolitan Statistical Aurie,[2] which haed a population o 189,264 as o the 2008 Census Bureau estimate.[3]

Sister ceeties[eedit | eedit soorce]

Athens haes three sister ceeties.[4]

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Coordinates: 33°57′19″N 83°22′59″W / 33.9553°N 83.3831°W / 33.9553; -83.3831