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Athelstan or Æþelstān (c. 895 – 27 October, 939), cried the Glorious, wis the Keeng o Ingland frae 924/925 tae 939. He wis the son o Keeng Edward the Elder, an nevoy o Ethelfleda (Æthelflæd) o Mercia. Æthelstan's success in securin the submission o Constantine II, Keeng o Scots, in 927 throu tae the Battle o Brunanburh in 937 led tae his claimin the teetle "Keeng o aw Breetain".[1] His ring is aften owerleuked, wi a hantle focus gang tae Alfred the Great afore him, an Edmund efter. Houaniver, his ring wis o fundamental importance tae political developments in the 10t century.

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