Battle o Brunanburh

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Battle o Brunanburh
Pairt o the Viking invasions o Ingland
LocationGreat Breetain
Result Inglis veectory
Kinrick o Ingland Kinrick o Dublin
Kinrick o Alba
Kinrick o Strathclyde
Commanders an leaders
Edmund I
Olaf III Guthfrithson
Constantine II o Scotland
Owen I o Strathclyde
Unkent Unkent
Casualties an losses
Hivy Hivy

The Battle o Brunanburh wis focht in 937 atween Æthelstan, Keeng o Ingland, an alliance o Olaf Guthfrithson, Keeng o Dublin; Constantine, Keeng o Alba an Owen, Keeng o Strathclyde.