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Alfred the Great

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Alfred o Wessex
Statue o Alfred the Great bi Hamo Thornycroft in Winchester, unveiled during the millenary celebrations o Alfred's daith.
Keeng o Wessex
Ring23 Aprile 871 – 26 October 899
The Ryal Palace, Wantage, Oxfordshire
Dee'd26 October 899 (aroond 50) Winchester
Buirialca. 1100
Hyde Abbey, Winchester, Hampshire, nou lost
IssueÆthelflæd, Lady o the Mercians
Edward, Keeng o Wessex
Æthelgifu abbess o Shaftesbury
Æthelweard o Wessex
Ælfthryth, Coontess o Flanders
Full name
Ælfred o Wessex
HooseHoose o Wessex
HooseHoose o Wessex
FaitherÆthelwulf, Keeng o Wessex
ReleegionRoman Catholicism

Alfred the Great (849 – 26 October 899) (Auld Inglis: [Ælfrēd, Ælfrǣd] error: {{lang}}: text has italic markup (help), "elf coonsel") was King o Wessex frae 871 tae 899. He wis the youngest son o King Æthelwulf o Wessex. His faither dee'd whan he wis young an three o Alfred's brothers, Æthelbald, Æthelberht an Æthelred, ringed in turn.

Efter accedin tae the throne, Alfred spent several years fechtin Viking invasions. He wan a decisive veectory in the Battle o Edington in 878 an made a greement wi the Vikings, creautin what wis kent as Danelaw in the North o Ingland. Alfred an aw owersaw the conversion o Viking leader Guthrum tae Christianity. He defendit his kinrick against the Viking attempt at conquest, acomin the dominant ruler in Ingland.[1] Details o his life are descrived in a wark bi 9t-century Welsh scholar an bishop Asser.

Alfred haed a reputation as a learned an mercifu man o a gracious an level-heidit natur that encouraged eddication, proponin that primar eddication be conductit in Inglis raither nor Laitin an impruivin the legal seestem, militar structur an his fowk's quality o life. He wis gien the epithet "the Great" in an efter the Reformation in the saxteent century. The anerly ither king o Ingland gien this epithet is Cnut the Great.


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