Athanasius Kircher

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Athanasius Kircher, S.J.
Athanasius Kircher.jpg
Portrait o Kircher at age 53
frae Mundus Subterraneus (1664)
ReleegionRoman Catholicism
OrderSociety o Jesus
Born2 May 1601
Geisa, Imperial Abbey o Fulda, Haly Roman Empire
Dee'd27/28 November 1680
Roum, Papal States
Religious career
WarksPriest, scholar an scientist [1]

Athanasius Kircher, S.J. (sometimes erroneously spelled Kirchner; 1602–1680) wis a 17t-century German Jesuit scholar an polymath who published aroond 40 major wirks, maist notably in the fields o comparative releegion, geology, an medicine.

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