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Auld Assirian Empire
1250 BC–612 BC
Owerview cairt o the Auncient Near East in the 15t century BC (Middle Assirian period), shawin the core territory o Assirie wi its twa major ceeties Assur an Nineveh wedged atween Babylonie dounstream (tae the sooth-east) an the states o Mitanni an Hatti upstream (tae the north-wast).
Caipital Aššur
Leids Akkadian
Releegion Mesopotamian releegion
Government Monarchy
 -  2025 BC Puzur-Ashur I (first)
 -  1392-1366 BC Eriba-Adad I (last)
Historical era Mesopotamia
 -  Kikkiya owerthrown 1250 BC
 -  Decline o Assirie 612 BC
The day pairt o  Iraq

Assirie, a major Mesopotamian East Semitic kinrick an empire o the Auncient Near East, existit as an independent state for a period o approximately nineteen centuries, frae the 25t century BC tae 605 BC, spannin the mid tae Early Bronze Age throu tae the late Airn Age.

Coordinates: 36°00′N 43°18′E / 36.0°N 43.3°E / 36.0; 43.3