Ashwell, Rutland

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Holy well at Ashwell - - 149918.jpg
The well at Ashwell
Ashwell is locatit in Rutland
Location within Rutland
Area2.87 sq mi (7.4 km2[1]
Population290 2001 Census[2]
• Density104/sq mi (40/km2)
OS grid referenceSK865137
• Lunnon88 miles (142 km) SSE
Unitar authority
Shire coonty
Ceremonial coonty
Sovereign stateUnitit Kinrick
Post tounOAKHAM
Postcode destrictLE15
Diallin code01572
AmbulanceEast Midlands
EU PairlamentEast Midlands
UK Pairlament
Leet o places
52°42′58″N 0°43′12″W / 52.716°N 0.720°W / 52.716; -0.720Coordinates: 52°42′58″N 0°43′12″W / 52.716°N 0.720°W / 52.716; -0.720

Ashwell is a veelage an ceevil parish in the coonty o Rutland in the East Midlands o Ingland. It is locatit aboot three miles (5 km) north o Oakham.

St Mary’s kirk is mainly o 14t century oreegin, but in 1851 it unnerwent a major restoration i William Butterfield.

The Reverend J.W. Adams, who wan a Victoria Cross in Afghanistan in 1879, is buriet in the churchyard.

Aviatrix Beryl Markham (née Clutterbuck) wis born in Westfield House an lived here till her family muivit tae Kenyae when she wis fower years auld.

lykegait in Ashwell, Rutland

The Reverend Richard Levett (or Levet) wis named vicar o Ashwell on 13 Mey 1646. He wis brought in tae meenister the parish when the previous rector, a Royalist, affendit the locals. Mr Levett kept his job throughout Cromwell's reign, but lost it as suin as Keeng Charles II wis restored tae the throne, when the previous incumbent wis reinstatit. He wis the faither o Sir Richard Levett, Laird Mayor o Lunnon in 1699 an awner o Kew Palace.[3] Levett Blackborne, grandson o Sir Richard, who sauld the Levett properties at Kew tae the Ryal family, wis a well-kent Lincoln's Inn barrister an langtime adviser tae Charles Manners, 4t Duke o Rutland.[4]

The Palmes family o Lindley, Wast Yorkshire wis an aa seatit at Ashwell.[5] The family, a branch o the Palmes family o Naburn Hall, Naburn, Yorkshire, includit Sir Guy Palmes, Heich Sheriff o Yorkshire.[6]

Ashwell Preeson, a umwhile Category C prison, is located about two miles (3 km) sooth o the centre o the veelage but is actually in the parish o Burley. Previously the steid wis a WWII US airmy base, hame tae pairt o the 82nt Airborne Diveesion. The preeson wis closed in Mairch 2011, an its futur uise is yet tae be determined.

The previous kennels o the Cottesmore Hunt situatit opposite the preeson hae nou been convertit tae residential uise an the hunt kennels are nou based at a ferm in the parish.

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