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Artic Ocean

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The arctic ocean is the smallest an shallowest o the world's five major oceans.[1] It is also known as the coldest o aw the oceans. The international hydrographic organization (iho) recognizes it as an ocean, althouch some oceanographers call it the arctic sea. It is sometimes classifiit as an estuary[2] o the atlantic ocean, an it is also seen as the northernmost part o the all-encompassin warld ocean.

Locatit mostly i the arctic north polar region i the middle o the northern hemisphere, besides its surroundin waters the arctic ocean is surroundit bi asie an north Americae. It is partly coverit bi sea ice throuchout the year an almost completely i winter. The artic ocean's salinity is the lowest on average o the five major oceans, due tae low evaporation, heavy fresh watter inflow from rivers an streams, an limitit connection an outflow tae surroundin oceanic waters wi hicher salinities. The us national snow an ice data center (nsidc) uses satellite data tae provide a daily record o arctic sea ice cover an the rate o meltin comparit tae an average period an specific past years.

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