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Chieftain o the Cherusci
Born18/17 BC
Magna Germania
Dee'dAD 21 (age 40)

Arminius (18/17 BC – AD 21), kent as Armin or Hermann (Arminius bein a Laitinization, similar tae Brennus) an aw, wis a chieftain o the Germanic Cherusci who defeatit a Roman airmy in the Battle o the Teutoburg Forest. Arminius's influence held an allied coalition o Germanic tribes thegither in opposeetion tae the Romans but efter defeats bi the Roman general Germanicus, nephew of the Emperor Tiberius, his influence waned, and Arminius wis assassinatit on the orders o rival Germanic chiefs.[1] Arminius's victory against the Roman legions in the Teutoburg forest haed a far-reachin effect on the subsequent history o baith the ancient Germanic fowks an on the Roman Empire. The Romans wur tae mak na mair concertit attempts tae conquer an permanently hauld Germania beyond the river Rhine.

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