Aram Asatryan

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Life[eedit | eedit soorce]

Asatryan was born in Echmiadzin, Armenia, the son of Hapet Asatryan an Ashken Mampreyan. He was born tae a refugee faimily. Iver syne his bairnheid years he had been a prodigal muisicker. In the year of 1985, his band was formed. He became known throuoght the world for his voice an his muisical stylin. Aram luvit tae wirk an he devotit his life tae muisic. He approached positive things an was confident about hissel. His love for his kintra an the Armenians as well as ither ethnic groups are expressed in his sangs. When Armenie wis in conflict, he performit sangs for the sodgers an Armenies in general for moral support. Asatryan performit in mony concerts in Asie, Europe, Roushie, the Middle East an many ceeties in Armenie. He haes written ower 500 sangs an constantly held warld tours. Throuoot his life he haed receivit mony awairds such as the “Gusan” he wis awairdit on 18 Aprile 2003 frae the Cultural Muisic Meenistry in Armenie. Till his daith, he residit in the Unitit States. He believit his muisic wad pass on frae generation tae generation.

His son, Artash Asatryan, continues his legacy as a popular Armenie muisicker.

Daith[eedit | eedit soorce]

Asatryan died on 2006-11-07 at Oshakan in the Aragatsotn Province, from an apparent heart attack. He was at a baptism being the godfather of an Armenian faimily. The fatal attack happened at about 19:00 local time. He did not show early symptoms as it was reported that he was in a very good an warm muid. He wis surroondit wi his close relatives. He is grievit bi his fans an the Armenie naition haes taken a big loss frae his daith, as he is/wis considered the oreeginal Armenie pop sangster o modren times, an the "voice of Hayastan". The entire Asatryan faimily is considered tae be a foremaist contributor tae the pop muisic o post-Soviet Armenie.

Note: his son Setrak (Seto) dee'd in a tragic automobile accident approx. 1 year afore Aram's daith, which left Aram in a vera sad depressed grievin state up till his return trip tae Armenie in 2006.

Discografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Mer Hayrenik (1990)
  • The Best (1991)
  • Ankakh Hayastan (1992)
  • Music with Duduk (1993)
  • Indz Hamar (1993)
  • Puch Ashkhar (1993)
  • Nayir Ashkharin (1994)
  • Azat Hayastan (1995)
  • Hay Es Du (1996)
  • The Golden Album (1997)
  • Super Dance (1998)
  • In Los Angeles (1998)
  • Et Dardzek Tariner (1999)
  • 10 Tari Bemum (1999)
  • Aram Asatrian (2000)
  • Self Titled (2000)
  • The Very Best (2000)
  • Re Mi-X (2000)
  • Asem, Te Chasem (2001)
  • Im Yerke (2001)
  • Skizb (2002)
  • Sweet Memories (2002)
  • The Best of 1989-2002 (2003)
  • Du Ashkhar Yekar (2003)
  • Aram Asatryan & Friends: 50 Golden Years (2003)
  • Anund (2005)
  • Aram Asatryan Hamalir: Live Concert in Armenia (2005)
  • Aram Asatryan, Artash Asatryan, Tigran Asatryan- My Sons (2006)

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