Arak Coonty

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Arak Coonty
شهرستان اراک
Coordinates: 34°14′N 49°38′E / 34.233°N 49.633°E / 34.233; 49.633
Kintra  Iran
Province Markazi
Caipital Arak
Bakhsh (Destricts) Central Destrict
Population (2006)
 • Tot 535,449
Time zone IRST (UTC+3:30)
 • Simmer (DST) IRDT (UTC+4:30)
Arak Coonty can be found at GEOnet Names Server, at this link, by opening the Advanced Search box, entering "9207282" in the "Unique Feature Id" form, and clicking on "Search Database".

Arak Coonty (Persie: شهرستان اراک‎) is a coonty in Markazi Province in Iran. The caipital o the coonty is Arak. Its umwhile name wis Sultanabad.[1] At the 2006 census, the coonty's population (includin those portions later split aff tae form Khondab Coonty an Farahan Coonty) wis 602,971, in 165,955 families; excludin those portions, the population wis 535,449, in 148,646 families.[2] The coonty haes ane destrict: the Central Destrict. The coonty haes fower ceeties: Arak, Senjan, Davudabad, an Karahrud.

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