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Anti-Lebanon muntains

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Moont Hermon, as seen frae the peak o Moont Bental.

The Anti-Lebanon muntains is the Wastren name for the Eastren Lebanon Muntain Range (Arabic: جبال لبنان الشرقية‎), which are a soothwast-northeast-trendin muntain range atween Sirie an Lebanon.[1] Its Wastren name (Anti-Lebanon) comes frae the Greek wird for ‘opposite’. The majority o the muntain range lees in Sirie. The border atween Sirie an Lebanon is lairgely defined alang the crest o the range. At its soothren end it is an aw athin the Golan Hichts. The range lees east o an parallel (opposite) tae the Munt Lebanon range. Tae the wast lees the Beqaa Valley in the north an the Hasbani River valley in the sooth. These valleys separate it frae the Lebanon range in central Lebanon. Tae the east, in Sirie, lees the Eastren Plateau which contains the ceety o Damascus.

The Anti-Lebanon range is approximately 150 km in length. Tae the north, it extends tae amaist the latitude o the Sirie ceety o Homs afore dying oot. Tae the sooth, the range coalesces wi the Golan Hichts plateau but includes the heichest peaks o Munt Hermon (Jabal el-Shaykh, in Arabic), at 2,814 metres, an Ta'la't Musa, at 2,669 metres. These peaks are snaw-covered for hintle o the year an are locatit on the Lebanese-Sirie border.

Coordinates: 34°00′N 36°30′E / 34.000°N 36.500°E / 34.000; 36.500


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