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Antarctic Treaty Seestem

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The Antarctic Treaty
French: Traité sur l'Antarctique
Roushie: Договор об Антарктике
Spaingie: Tratado Antártico
SignedDecember 1, 1959[1]
LocationWashington, D.C., USA
EffectiveJuin 23, 1961
CondeetionRatification o aw 12 signatories
DepositaryGovrenment o the Unitit States o Americae[2]
LeidsInglis, French, Roushie, an Spainyie
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The Antarctic Treaty and related agreements, collectively kent as the Antarctic Treaty Seestem (ATS), regulate internaitional relations wi respect tae Antarctica, Yird's anly continent wioot a native human population. For the purposes o the treaty seestem, Antarctica is defined as aw o the land an ice shelves sooth o 60°S latitude. The treaty, enterin intae force in 1961 an currently havin 50 signatory naitions,[2] sets aside Antarctica as a scienteefic preserve, establishes freedom o scienteefic investigation an bans militar activity on that continent. The treaty wis the first airms control agreement established during the Cauld War. The Antarctic Treaty Secretariat heidquarters hae been locatit in Buenos Aires, Argentinae, syne September 2004.[3]

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