Ann Widdecombe

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The Richt Honourable
Ann Widdecombe
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Shadow Home Secretar
In office
13 Januar 1999 – 18 September 2001
Leader William Hague
Precedit bi Sir Norman Fowler
Succeedit bi Oliver Letwin
Shadow Secretar o State for Heal
In office
24 Mey 1998 – 13 Januar 1999
Leader William Hague
Precedit bi John Maples
Succeedit bi Liam Fox
Meenister o State for Prisons
In office
28 Februar 1995 – 2 Mey 1997
Prime Meenister John Major
Precedit bi Michael Forsyth
Succeedit bi Office Abolished
Member o Parliament
for Maidstone and The Weald
Maidstone (1987–1997)
In office
11 Juin 1987 – 6 Mey 2010
Precedit bi John Wells
Succeedit bi Helen Grant
Personal details
Born 4 October 1947 (1947-10-04) (age 68)
Bath, Somerset, Ingland
Naitionality Breetish
Poleetical pairty Conservative
Residence Haytor, Devon
Alma mater Varsity o Birmingham
Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford
Releegion Roman Catholic

Ann Noreen Widdecombe (born 4 October 1947) is an Inglis politeecian, an a member o the Unitit Kinrick pairlament at Wastmeenster, representin the Conservative Pairty. She represents the consteetuency o Maidstone an the Weald in the Hoose o Commons.