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A lass drawn wi tradeetional anime featurs.

Anime (Japanese: アニメ, [anime] ( listen); Inglis Listeni/ˈænm/) are Japanese ainimatit productions uisuallì featurin haund-drawn or computer ainimation.

Ootside o Japan an en Inglis, anime refers speceeficlì tae ainimation producit en Japan.[1] Naither, en Japan an en Japanese, anime (a term derivit fra a shortenin o tha Inglis wird animation) descrives aw ainimatit wirks, regairdless o style or springheid. Ainimation producit ootside o Japan wi seemilar style tae Japanese ainimation is fir common referrit tae as anime-influencit ainimation.

A frame fae Namakura Gatana (1917), the auldest survivin Japanese animatit short film made fir cinemas
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