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Città di Angera
Angera panorama.jpg
Map of comune of Angera (province of Varese, region Lombardy, Italy).svg
Angera is locatit in Italy
Location o Angera in Italy
Coordinates: 45°46′N 08°35′E / 45.767°N 8.583°E / 45.767; 8.583
Kintra Italy
Region Lombardy
Province Varese (VA)
Frazioni Capronno, Barzola
 • Total 17 km2 (7 sq mi)
Elevation 193 m (633 ft)
Population (31 December 2004)
 • Tot 5,713
 • Density 340/km2 (870/sq mi)
Demonym(s) Angeresi
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 • Simmer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Postal code 21021
Dialin code 0331
Patron saunt Santa Maria Assunta
Saunt day 15 August

Angera is a toun an comune locatit in the province o Varese, in the Lombardy region o northren Italy. In Roman times, unner the name o Angleria, it wis an important loch port an road station. Angera receivit the title o ceety bi Duke Ludovico il Moro o 7 October 1497. The day its major featur is the Rocca, an imposin castle o vera auncient oreegin. The aurie affers guid wines an luvely panoramas ower Loch Maggiore.

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