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Queen Ang Mey (Khmer: ក្សត្រីអង្គមី) was the 97t Monarch ruler durin the Oudong era or the Daurk ages o Cambodie.[1] She is famous for being ane o few female rulers in Cambodie's History. Installed on the Cambodian throne bi the Vietnamese, she reigned durin the domination o Siamese-Vietnamese War (1841-1845)

Queen Ang Mey, kent as Queen Ba-cong-chua or Ksat Trey an aw, wis proclaimed on the daith o her faither bi the Vietnamese faction at court wi the title o My-lam-quan-chua in Januar 1835, an deposed in August 1840. She wis reinstatit in 1844, an again deposed bi the Vietnamese an taken tae Huế wi her sisters in 1845.[2]

The Latest Life[eedit | eedit soorce]

Durin Ang Mey's lived wi the memory o the daith an dishonour for ower twent years. Norodom left her in the care o auld retainer when he an his court moved tae Phnom Penh. At Oudong An Mey coud still believed that she haed some dignity, an her servants coud placate the villagers whom she assaultit when her mind wis unbalanced or pay for the guids as she teuk the richt frae the merchants in the market.[3]

During she allaed tae return tae Oudong efter the cession o hostilities in 1847. She later married an unkent man an haed twa dochters[4] She an her husband dee'd in an accident in late December 1874 but crematit at Phnom Penh in 1884.

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