Andrea Doria

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For the Italian ocean liner, see SS Andrea Doria.
Andrea Doria
Andrea Doria.jpg
Portrait of Andrea Doria, c. 1520, bi Sebastiano del Piombo
Born30 November 1466(1466-11-30)
Oneglia, Republic o Genoa
Dee'd25 November 1560(1560-11-25) (aged 93)
Genoa, Republic o Genoa
ThriftCondottiero an admiral
PawrentsCeva Doria an Caracosa Doria

Andrea Doria (or D'Oria) (30 November 1466 – 25 November 1560) wis a Genoese condottiero an admiral.

Early life[eedit | eedit soorce]

Natal hame o Andrea Doria, in Oneglia

Doria wis born at Oneglia frae the auncient Genoese faimily, the Doria di Oneglia branch o the auld Doria, de Oria or de Auria faimily. His parents wur relatit: Ceva Doria, co-laird o Oneglia, an Caracosa Doria, o the Doria di Dolceacqua branch. Orphaned at a early age, he became a sodger o fortune, servin first in the papal gaird an then unner various Italian princes.

In 1503 he wis fechtin in Corsicae in the service o Genoa, at that time unner French vassalage, an he teuk pairt in the risin o Genoa against the French, wham he compelled tae evacuate the ceety. Frae that time onwairds, he became famous as a naval commander. For several years he scourt the Mediterranean in command o the Genoese fleet, wagin war on the Turks an the Barbary pirates.

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