American fitba

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A gemme o American Fitbaa

American Fitba is a phessical team sport whaur the aim is tae advance a baw intae the conterin teams endzone. Thare is twa weys tae muive the baw, aither bi cairyin it (cried a rinnin pley), or bi thrawin the baw tae a teammate (cried a passin pley). Ye can score pynts in varyis different weys, includin carryin the baw intae the conterin teams endzone, or fangin a pass in the conterin teams enzone (baith cried a touchdoun, an is wirth 6 pynts), kickin the baw throu the conterin teams dale (wirth 3 pynts), or tacklin a conterin pleyer wi the baw in thair endzone (cried a sauftie, wirth 2 pynts). The team wi the maist pynts whan time rins oot wins.

The sport is weel likit in North Americae, but is becomin mair popular in Europe an Japan an aw. The sport developit fae Rugby in Americae in the late 19t century.

Rules[eedit | eedit soorce]

Pitch an Pleyers[eedit | eedit soorce]

An American Fitbaa pitch

The pitch is a hunder yards lang, wi twa ten yard lang endzones at ilk end. At the hinder end o ilk endzone is a dale (like a Rugby dale). Ilk team haes 11 pleyers on the pitch at ony ane time.

Aw the different poseetions, as thay wuid line up on the line o scrimmage.

Thare is mony different poseetions pleyers can pley in American fitbaa. On the offence side the main anes is the offensive line, the quarterback, the rinning backs, the wide receivers an the ticht ends. The offesive line dits the defence tae stap thaim tacklin the quarterback. The quarterback is conseedered the maist important poseetion. He gits the baw an decides whither tae thraw it, gie it tae a rinning back tae rin wi, or rin wi it hissel. He caws the pleys an aw. The rinning backs speicialise in rinnin wi the baw, but whiles fangs passes or dits the defence an aw. Thare is for ordinar ane haufback, wha is belike tae rin wi the baw, an a fouback, wha is likely tae dit the defence. The wide receivers fang passes frae the quarterback, an than try tae rin as faur as possible afore bein tackled. The ticht ends line up wi the offensive line, thay can aither fang passes or dit the defence.

On the defence side thare is the defensive line, the linebackers, an the defensive backs. The defensive line try tae git bi the offensive line an tackle aither the quarter back or the rinning back. In the defensive line thare is twa poseetions, aither a tackle, wha is in the mids o the line, or the defensive end, wha is on the end. Ahint the defensive line is the linebackers. Thay aither try tae tackle the quarterback or rinning back, like the defensive line, or try tae stap wide receivers fangin passes. Ahint thaim is the defensive backs, they try tae stap wide receivers fangin passes.

Pleyers linin up on the line o scrimmage afore a pley

Thare is Speicial Teams an aw. Whan a team wants tae kick the baw throu the dale or whan thare is a chynge o aucht o the baw, thare is for ordinar a kick frae the team wi the baw. The pleyers that kick the baw are cried aither kickers or punters dependin on whither thay are kickin it tae the ither team or kickin it throu the dale. Whan thay are kickin it throu the dale aff the grund thay are a kicker, whan thay kick it oot o thair gairdies tae the ither team (thay are puntin it), thay are punters.

Muivin the baw[eedit | eedit soorce]

A quarter aboot tae pass the baw

Whan a team haes the baw, thay git fower shotties (cried douns) at muivin the baw ten yards. Ilk team muist muive the baw ten yards in the fower downs or the ither team gits the baw frae whare the baw wis. A doun is ower whan the sowel wha haes the baw is tackled, or gin a pass isna fangit an the baw hits the grund (cried a no throu pass). Gin a pleyer is tackled, the neist doun stairts frae whaur thay war tackled. Gin it wis a no throu pass, the neist down stairts frae the same airt as the hindermaist doun. Forby, gin a pleyer gaes oot o the boond o the pitch wi the baw, the neist doun stairts frae whaur thay gaed oot o boonds. Afore ilk doun, ilk team chuises a pley, whilk is a pre-decidit set o actoins an muivements ilk pleyer follaes on that doun (whiles douns are cried pleys an aw). Tae muive the baw forrit, ye can aither rin wi it (whiles cried rushin an aw), or thraw it tae a teammate, houaniver ye can anely thraw the baw forrit yinst ilk doun an frae ahint the line o scrimmage (but ye can thraw the baw backarts or sideweys as mony times as ye like an frae onyweys). Gin a team muives the baw ten yards, thay git a new set o fower douns again tae try an muive the baw ten mair yards.

Chynge thim oot[eedit | eedit soorce]

A pleyer bein tackled, this wuid be the end o a doun

Gin a team disna git a new first doun efter fower douns, the ither team gits the baw whaur it wis at the end o the fowert doun. Houaniver for ordinar whan the team wi the baw is on the fowert doun, they chuise tae punt the baw tae the ither team. Thay dae this whan thay dinnae want tae gie up the baw whaur thay are so thay kick it to the ither team an try an tackle thaim faurer daun the pitch. The team that received the punt will stairt frae whaur they war tackled. Gin a pleyer on the offence side draps the baw (cried a fumble) the defence can rekiver the baw an than thay hiv aucht o the baw. The defence can fang hte offences passes an aw.

Scorin[eedit | eedit soorce]

Thare is three wiys tae score pynts. Gin an offensive pleyer has the baw in the defences endzone, thay score a touchdoun. This is wirth 6 pynts in efter this the team gits a chance tae score aither 1 or 2 mair pynts. Thay can aither try tae kick it throu the pooles for 1 pynt, or try tae score anither pynt for 2 pynts (tho this is verra rare). A team can try tae kick the baw throu the dale at ony pynt tae score 3 pynts. Or a team can score a sauftie, whaur a offensive pleyer is tackled in thair endzone, this is wirth 2 pynts an the offence muist than punt the baw tae the defence.