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Rugby fitbaw

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(Reguidit frae Rugby)
A rugby union scrum.

Rugby fitbaw is the name o a couple sports descendit frae the gemme o fitbaa spielt at Rugby Schuil in the 19t century. The maist weel-likit forms o Rugby are rugby union an Rugby League.


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Rugby wis first spielt wi a set o rules at Rugby Schuil, Rugby, Warwickshire. Efter a while, the gemme's popularity sprad aroond ither schuils. Than the gemme spread tae ither kintras an aw. At the end o the 19t century, the gemme o Rugby wis spleetit, ower whither the gemme shud be professional. This led tae the makin o Rugby league an Rugby Union, wi unalike rules.

The first rugby league warld cup wis helt in 1954, wi the first Union ane comin in 1987. Eventually, Rugby Union becam professional an aw in 1995.