Alexander Hamilton

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Alexander Hamilton
Alexander Hamilton portrait by John Trumbull 1806.jpg
1st Unitit States Secretar o the Treasury
In office
September 11, 1789 – Januar 31, 1795
Preses George Washington
Precedit bi Poseetion established
Succeeded by Oliver Wolcott
Senior Officer o the Airmy
In office
December 14, 1799 – Juin 15, 1800
Preses John Adams
Precedit bi George Washington
Succeeded by James Wilkinson
Delegate tae the Congress o the Confederation
frae New York
In office
November 3, 1788 – Mairch 2, 1789
Precedit bi Egbert Benson
Succeeded by Seat abolished
In office
November 4, 1782 – Juin 21, 1783
Precedit bi Seat established
Succeeded by Seat abolished
Personal details
Born Januar 11, 1755(1755-01-11) or 1757
Charlestown, Nevis, Breetis Wast Indies
Poleetical pairty Federalist
Alma mater Keengs College, New York
Military service
Allegiance  New York (1775–1777)
 Unitit States (1777–1800)
Service/branch New York Company o Artillery
Unitit States Continental Airmy
 Unitit States Airmy
Years o service 1775–1776 (Militia)
Rank Army-USA-OF-07.svg Major General
U.S. Airmy Senior Officer
Battles/wars American Revolutionary War
 • Battle o Harlem Heights
 • Battle o White Plains
 • Battle o Trenton
 • Battle o Princeton
 • Battle o Brandywine
 • Battle o Germantown
 • Battle o Monmouth
 • Siege o Yorktown

Alexander Hamilton (Januar 11, 1755 or 1757 – Julie 12, 1804) wis a Foonding Faither o the Unitit States,[1] chief o staff tae General Washington, ane o the maist influential interpreters an promoters o the Constitution, the foonder o the naition's financial seestem, an the foonder o the first American poleetical pairty.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Lind 1994, pp. 41–2. "The anly non-native amang the Foondin Fathers . . . As an immigrant, Hamilton lacked ony ties tae a particular region that micht hae qualified his intense devotion tae the American naition in its entirety".