Alexander Hamilton

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Alexander Hamilton
1st Unitit States Secretar o the Treasury
In office
September 11, 1789 – Januar 31, 1795
PresesGeorge Washington
Precedit biPoseetion established
Succeedit biOliver Wolcott
Senior Officer o the Airmy
In office
December 14, 1799 – Juin 15, 1800
PresesJohn Adams
Precedit biGeorge Washington
Succeedit biJames Wilkinson
Delegate tae the Congress o the Confederation
frae New York
In office
November 3, 1788 – Mairch 2, 1789
Precedit biEgbert Benson
Succeedit biSeat abolished
In office
November 4, 1782 – Juin 21, 1783
Precedit biSeat established
Succeedit biSeat abolished
Personal details
Born11 Januar 1755(1755-01-11) or 1757
Charlestown, Nevis, Breetis Wast Indies
Dee'dJulie 12, 1804 (aged 49 or 47)
New York Ceety, New York, U.S.
Poleetical pairtyFederalist
Spoose(s)Elizabeth Schuyler
James Alexander
John Church
William Stephen
Eliza Holly
Alma materKeengs College, New York
ReligionPresbyterian, Episcopalian (convert)
Militar service
Allegiance New York (1775–1777)
 Unitit States (1777–1800)
Service/brainch New York Company o Artillery
United States Continental Airmy
 United States Airmy
Years o service1775–1776 (Militia)
Rank Major General
U.S. Airmy Senior Officer
Battles/warsAmerican Revolutionary War
 • Battle o Harlem Heights
 • Battle o White Plains
 • Battle o Trenton
 • Battle o Princeton
 • Battle o Brandywine
 • Battle o Germantown
 • Battle o Monmouth
 • Siege o Yorktown

Alexander Hamilton (Januar 11, 1755 or 1757 – Julie 12, 1804) wis a Foonding Faither o the Unitit States,[1] chief o staff tae General Washington, ane o the maist influential interpreters an promoters o the Constitution, the foonder o the naition's financial seestem, an the foonder o the first American poleetical pairty.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Lind 1994, pp. 41–2. "The anly non-native amang the Foondin Fathers . . . As an immigrant, Hamilton lacked ony ties tae a particular region that micht hae qualified his intense devotion tae the American naition in its entirety".