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St. Albertus Magnus, O.P.
Saint Albertus Magnus, a fresco bi Tommaso da Modena (1352), Kirk o San Nicolò, Treviso, Italy
Releegious, Bishop, an Doctor o the Kirk
Born ca. 1200
Lauingen, Duchy o Bavarie
Dee'd November 15, 1280
Cologne, Haly Roman Empire
Veneratit in Catholic Kirk
Beatified 1622, Roum, Papal States, by Pape Gregory XV
Canonised 1931, Vatican Ceety, by Pape Pius XI
Major shrine St. Andrew's Kirk, Cologne, Germany
Feast November 15
Patronage Cincinnati, Ohio; medical technicians; naitural sciences; filosofers; scientists; students; Warld Youth Day

Albertus Magnus, O.P. (afore 1200 – November 15, 1280), an aa kent as Albert the Great an Albert o Cologne, is a Catholic saunt. He wis a German Dominican friar an a Catholic bishop. He wis kent during his lifetime as doctor universalis an doctor expertus an, late in his life, the term magnus wis appendit tae his name.[1] Scholars sic as James A. Weisheipl an Joachim R. Söder hae referred tae him as the greatest German filosofer an theologian o the Middle Ages.[2] The Catholic Kirk honours him as a Doctor o the Kirk, ane o anly 36 sae honoured.

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