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Full name Al-Wasl Football Club
Nickname(s) fouhoud (Arabic: الفهود‎)(The Cheetahs),
Embrator (Arabic: الإمبراطور‎)(The Emperor)
Foondit 1 May 1960
Ground Zabeel Stadium
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Ground Capacity 8,439
Awner Ahmed Bin Rashed[1]
Chairman Rashid Bin Ghaid
Manager Bolivie Gustavo Quinteros
League UAE Pro League
2018-19 UAE Pro League, 9-t
Wabsteid Club wabsteid
Current saison

Al Wasl Football Club (Arabic: نادي الوصل لكرة القدم‎) is a Emirati fitbaw club based in Dubai. It is a pairt o the multi-sports club Al Wasl Sports Club. Al Wasl is ane o the maist successful clubs in the UAE in aw sports, tharefore it haes ane o the lairgest fan bases in the Arabie Peninsula. For that Al Wasl haes shapit the first Ultras group in the UAE, Ultras Junoon.

Honours[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • The Club of the 20th Century in the UAE: Due tae Al-Wasl's impressive performance in the Continental Tournaments last hunderyear (5 wins an ane loss), the IFFHS haes decidit tae name Al Wasl as the UAE's Club of the 20th Century.[2]
  • UAE Arabian Gulf League: 7
1982, 1983, 1985, 1988, 1992, 1997, 2007
1987, 2007

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