UAE Arabian Gulf League

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UAE Arabian Gulf League
Kintra Unitit Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
Confederation AFC
Foondit 1973
Nummer o teams 14
Levels on pyramid 1
Relegation tae First Division
Domestic cup(s) Arabian Gulf Cup
Super Cup
President's Cup
Internaitional cup(s) Champions League
Current champions Al-Jazira (2 teetles)
Maist championships Al-Ain (12 teetles)
TV partners Abu Dhabi Sports, Dubai Sports
2016–17 saison

The UAE Arabian Gulf League is the tap profeesional fitbaw league in the Unitit Arab Emirates (UAE). The first team tae win the title wis Al-Sharjah, whilst Al-Ain haes the record wi 11 league titles tae their name. Fowerteen clubs compete in the League that operates on a seestem o promotion an relegation wi the UAE First Division.