Al Mazar al Shamali

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Al Mazar al Shamali

المزار الشمالي
Al Mazar al Shamali is located in Jordan
Al Mazar al Shamali
Al Mazar al Shamali
Location in Jordan
Coordinates: 32°28′21″N 35°47′34″E / 32.47250°N 35.79278°E / 32.47250; 35.79278
Kintra Jordan
GovrenorateIrbid Govrenorate
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Time zoneUTC + 2

Al-Mazar Al-Shamali or Northren Al-Mazar (Arabic: المزار الشمالي‎) is a toun in the Irbid Govrenorate o north-wastren Jordan. Locatit 15km sooth-wast o Irbid it haes a population o approximately 20,000 fowk. The region is a range o heich series muntains that reach a hicht approximately 780 meters abuin the sea level. The main basic characteristics o the region is that it is surroondit bi the mony forest extendit tae hunders kilometres. The forest haes mony trees such as oaks an pistacia an pine. An aw the region rely on basic agricultural crops: wheat, barley, an on some o the fruit trees such as peaches an aw, apricots, almonds, etc. The olive tree is ane o the maist important products in the region in addeetion tae grapes.