Al Jawf, Libie

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Al Jawf

Al Jawf is located in Libya
Al Jawf
Al Jawf
Location in Libie
Coordinates: 24°13′N 23°18′E / 24.217°N 23.300°E / 24.217; 23.300Coordinates: 24°13′N 23°18′E / 24.217°N 23.300°E / 24.217; 23.300
Kintra Libie
382 m (1,253 ft)
 • Total17,320
Time zoneUTC+2

Al Jawf (Arabic: الجوفAl Ğawf) is a toun in sootheastren Libie, the caipital o the Kufra destrict.

The ceety is locatit at 24°13′N 23°18′E / 24.217°N 23.300°E / 24.217; 23.300 wi an elevation o 1,254 feet (382.2 m) abuin sea level. In a 1984 census the ceety's population wis 17,320. Al Jawf receives amaist nae rain whasoiver, averagin anerlie .1 inch (2.5mm) per year. Simmer heich temperaturs average abuin 100°F (37.8°C).Al Jawf Climatology

The ceety lees in the lairgest oasis in the Kufra basin.[1] It is ane o the maist hivily irrigatit oases in the Sahara.

Follaein the 2011 mass protests (which later turned intae a ceevil war), the aurie wis reportit tae be unner control o the Libie opposition an no the govrenment o Muammar Gaddafi.[2]

It is served bi Al Jawf Central Hospital an Sussi Hospital.

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