Al Hazm, Yemen

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Al Hazm
Al Hazm is located in Yemen
Al Hazm
Al Hazm
Location in Yemen
Coordinates: 16°9′51″N 44°46′36″E / 16.16417°N 44.77667°E / 16.16417; 44.77667
Kintra Yemen
GovrenorateAl Jawf Govrenorate
DestrictAl Hazm Destrict
Time zoneUTC+6.30 (YST)

Al Hazm or Al-Hazm is a toun in Al Jawf Govrenorate o Yemen. It is the caipital toun o baith the Al Jawf Govrenorate an Al Hazm Destrict.[1] It is locatit northwast o the ceety o Ma'rib an soothwast o Sa'dah.[2][3] In the late 1980s a heich-gate wis built through Al Hazm, leadin tae Baraqish an Ma'in tae the sooth tae Ma'rib.[4]Yemen wis reportit bi OPEC tae hae receivit a $5m loan for the road project on 11 Mey 1987. [5]It is servit bi Al Hazm Airport.[6] Al Hazm haes been mentioned in numerous publications as being connectit wi Al Qaeda.[7][8]

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