Al Ahmadi Govrenorate

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Cairt o Kuwait wi Al Ahmadi heichlichtit

Al Ahmadi (Arabic: الاحمدي‎) is ane o the sax govrenorates o Kuwait. It is locatit in the soothren pairt o the kintra an is famous in Kuwait for its greenery an Breetish airchitectur. Al Ahmadi forms an important pairt o Kuwaiti economy as several o Kuwait's ile refineries are locatit here. Main residential auries include Abu Halifa, Riqqah an Mangaf. Al Ahmadi is the hame o several sportin clubs an complexes in Kuwait. The heidquarters o Kuwait National Petroleum Company is locatit in Al Ahmadi.

Ahmadi, as it is popularly kent wis the hame o the then KOC (Kuwait Oil Company).

It wis an aa hame tae several thoosan maistly Breetish Ex-pats an thair families frae 1947 throu tae 1970, an possibly ayont. The oreeginal toun layoot wis frae an American pattern. Streets laid oot at richt angles tae ilk ither - 1st Street, 2nt Street an sae on. At richt angles wur the avenues. The toun wis biggit on a slope facin the sea, which wis aboot 7 mile (11 km) away. The street that ran athort the tap o the hill wis cried "main street". It hoosed the upper eschelons o the KOC. It ran doun the hill in order o KOC rank. Athin the toun wis the Hubara Club - a complex o biggins wi a soummin puil, meetin rooms, restaurants, squash courts, tennis courts, etc. Employees o the KOC wad uise this club ivery day tae meet an chat. Thair childer spent maist o thair time here. Towards the bottom o the 'hill' wis the 'souk' or shoppin aurie; banks a cinema, which is nou been closed doun an a few shops.

Al Ahmadi consists o the follaein destricts [1]:

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