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Al-Suqaylabiyah is locatit in Syria
Location in Sirie
Coordinates: 35°22′11″N 36°22′48″E / 35.36972°N 36.38000°E / 35.36972; 36.38000
Kintra  Sirie
Govrenorate Hama Govrenorate
Destrict Al-Suqaylabiyah Destrict
Elevation 220 m (720 ft)
Population (2008 est.)
 • Tot 17,313
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
 • Simmer (DST) +3 (UTC)

Al-Suqaylabiyah (Arabic: السقيلبيهAs Suqailabiya) is a Greek Orthodox Christian Sirie ceety admeenistratively belangin tae Hama Govrenorate. Al-Suqaylabiyah is locatit at a hicht o 220 meters abuin sea level. Accordin tae the 2004 offeecial census, the toun haes a population o 17,313.

The name goes back tae the auncient Seleucia ad Belum, a toun o Hellenistic foondation that wis locatit amaist at the same place. The steid wis gien up durin the middle ages an repeopled at the beginnin o the 19t century.