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A view o Masyaf Castle frae grund level
A view o Masyaf Castle frae grund level
Masyaf is located in Syria
Location in Sirie
Coordinates: 35°03′N 36°20′E / 35.050°N 36.333°E / 35.050; 36.333
Kintra Sirie
Govrenorate Hama Govrenorate
Destricts o Sirie Masyaf Destrict
Elevation 447 m (1,467 ft)
Population (2009)
 • Tot 37,109

Masyaf (Arabic: مصياف‎‎ Maṣyāf) is a ceety in Sirie, in the Hama Govrenorate, notable for its lairge medieval castle. It wis uised bi Hashashins as their heidquarters efter the destruction o Alamut.

In popular cultur, Masyaf is kent for its appearance in the Assassin's Creed video gemme series.