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Aerosmith performin at Quilmes Rock in Buenos Aires, Argentinae on Aprile 15, 2007
Background information
OreiginBoston, Massachusetts, U.S.
GenresHaird rock, blues rock, hivy metal,[1] glam metal[2][3][4]
Years active1970–present
LabelsColumbia, Geffen
Associate actsThe Joe Perry Project, The Jam Band, The Jimmy Crespo Project, Whitford/St. Holmes, The Strangeurs/Chain Reaction
MembersSteven Tyler
Tom Hamilton
Joey Kramer
Joe Perry
Brad Whitford
Past membersRay Tabano
Jimmy Crespo
Rick Dufay

Aerosmith is an American rock baund, whiles refert tae as "The Bad Boys from Boston"[5] an "America's Greatest Rock and Roll Band."[6][7][8][9]

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