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Ada o Huntingdon

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Ada o Huntingdon
Bornc. 1146
Dee'dafter 1206
BuiriedAbbey o Middelburg
Noble faimilyHoose o Dunkeld
Spoose(s)Floris III, Coont o Holland
FaitherHenry o Huntingdon
MitherAda de Warenne

Ada o Huntingdon (c. 1146 1146 – efter 1206) wis a Scots noblewumman an Coontess o Holland bi mairiage tae Floris III, Coont o Holland.[1]

Ada wis born in Scotland, the dochter o Henry o Huntingdon (1114–1152) an Ada de Warenne (deed c. 1178 1178). Henry wis the son o King David I o Scotland an Maud, Coontess o Huntingdon, an Ada's siblings include the Scots kings Malcolm IV, William the Lion, an David o Scotland, Earl o Huntingdon.

Coontess o Holland

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In 1162 she wis speirt for her haund in mairiage tae Floris III, Coont of Holland (c. 1132 1132–1190) bi the Abbot o Egmond, Holland. Thegither, the Abbot an Ada traveled back tae Holland, whaur the waddin ceremony occurred, likely in Egmond, on 28 August 1162. Ada received the County o Ross in the Scots Hielands as a waddin gift.

  1. Ada (deed efter 1205), mairit 1176 Margrave Otto I o Brandenburg
  2. Margaret (deed efter 1203), mairit 1182 Coont Dietrich IV o Cleves
  3. Dirk VII, Coont o Holland
  4. William I, Coont o Holland
  5. Floris (deed 1210), bishop o Glesgae
  6. Baldwin (deed 1204)
  7. Robert
  8. Beatrix
  9. Elisabeth
  10. Hedwig
  11. Agnes (died 1228), Abbess at Rijnsburg

Ada, her niece

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Ada's brither, David o Scotland, Earl o Huntingdon, haed a dochter, Ada, that wis the mither o Henry de Hastings, 1st Baron Hastings.


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