Acacia Hills

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Acacia Hills
DarwinNorthren Territory
Acacia Hills NT.jpg
Acacia Hills
Acacia Hills is locatit in Northren Territory
Acacia Hills
Acacia Hills
Location in Northren Territory
Coordinates12°47′44″S 131°07′23″E / 12.79556°S 131.12306°E / -12.79556; 131.12306Coordinates: 12°47′44″S 131°07′23″E / 12.79556°S 131.12306°E / -12.79556; 131.12306
Population440 (2006)[1]
Location60.2 km (37 mi) frae Darwin
LGA(s)Litchfield Municipality
Territory electorate(s)Goyder
Federal Diveesion(s)Solomon
Suburbs around Acacia Hills:
Southport Noonamah Lambells Lagoon
Livingstone Acacia Hills
Adelaide River Adelaide River

Acacia Hills is an ooter landwart locality o Darwin. It is 60km sooth o the Darwin CBD. Its Local Govrenment Aurie is the Litchfield Municipality. The suburb is maistly a landwart aurie, juist north o Adelaide River. The suburbs name comes frae the acacia shrub in the aurie.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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