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Abbey Craig

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Abbey Craig
Abbey Craig wi Wallace Monument on tap
Heichest pynt
Elevation111 m (364 ft)
Prominence83 metre (272 ft)
Coordinates56°08′18″N 3°55′05″W / 56.1382°N 3.91815°W / 56.1382; -3.91815Coordinates: 56°08′18″N 3°55′05″W / 56.1382°N 3.91815°W / 56.1382; -3.91815
Abbey Craig is located in Stirling
Abbey Craig
Abbey Craig
OS gridNS809956
Topo mapOS Landranger 57

The Abbey Craig is a hill in Causewayhead, jist nor o Stirlin. It is the steid o the Wallace Monument.

Geography[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Abbey Craig is pairt o a complex quartz-dolerite intrusion or sill athin carboniferous strata, at the wastren edge o the Central Coal Field, kent as the Stirling Sill.[1]

The quartz-dolerite, bein muckle haurder nor the suroondin coal meisures, haes been exposed due tae erosion, includin bi glaciation. The chairacteristic craig an tail shape o the craig reflecks this glacial shapin.

Toponomy[eedit | eedit soorce]

Craig descrieves a post-glacial craig an tail laundscape feature. The aibbey is Cambuskenneth Aibbey,[2] on the nor baunk o the River Forth, aboot 1 km tae the sooth.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The hill is the steid o William Wallace's camp afore the Battle o Stirlin Brig in 1297, that wis pairt o the Scots Wars o Unthirldom.

The hilltap wis fendit durin the early medieval period an haes a vitrified hillfort,[3] malafoustert bi fire in the 6t or 7t Yearhunner AD an then refortified in the 8t or 9t Yearhunner AD, as shawn bi twa phases o airchaeological excavation, the first bi SUAT Archaeology in 2001 an the seicont Murray Cook, Stirlin Cooncil's Airchaeologist in 2012.[4][5]

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